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Frequestly Asked Questions...and Answers!

What sizes of chambers do you stock?

We have many units from 1 cu ft to walk-in rooms. Stock changes daily and we’re adding to our fleet all the time. Call us with your requirements.

What is the minimum rental period required?

Our units can be had for as little as one month. Long term rentals and rates are also available.

What are the temperature ranges you offer?

Our chambers typically provide -73ºC to 177ºC (-100ªF to 350ºF). We do have some special systems that are capable of lower and higher temperatures. Let us review the requirements with you.

What Humidity ranges are available?

We routinely offer 20% to 98%RH. Some units can be fitted with optional driers that achieve humidity values to 5-10%RH.

Can you provide multiple units of a particular size and type?

Yes, we have hundreds in stock and are always building depth in our fleet. Part of this unusual service we offer is the ability to ship several of the same kind of machine if you have that need.

What is the lead time to ship?

Many chambers can be ready to ship within 2 days after receiving your order. High performance and other special chambers may require more preparation time. Inquire about your specific application.

How is shipping handled?

We’ll refer you to shipping companies who give our customers the courtesy of our volume discounts. Our agreements provide safe, professional shipping services at minimal cost.

How do you provide repairs and on-site support for rentals?

We can guide you quickly through basic diagnostics. Most often, that’s enough to reveal some minor problem easily corrected by the customer. Beyond that, we network coast-to-coast with the most able chamber specialists that can provide service at our direction.

Can rental chambers be purchased?

As a rule, our chambers are supplied for rent only. If you have a need to own, let us know with your initial inquiry and we may be able to quote certain units with a purchase option. Even if we can’t offer a machine from our stable, we may be able to help you acquire a worthy example through our networking relationships.

What are the best brands to buy new?

We don’t sell new chambers, but we can be helpful with guidance through the maze of manufacturers. There are many fine companies who build test chambers, but there are certainly a few who may not worthy of your business. Give us a call - our experiences may be useful to you.

Do you send chambers to testing laboratories?

Yes, some of our most frequent and loyal customers are accredited independent testing labs. They find the flexibility, reliability, and fast response to be of great benefit to their operations. Additionally, they have high regard for our technical expertise - there are few genuine test chamber and cascade refrigeration experts anywhere.

What can we expect when it comes to programming temperature and humidity profiles?

Give us your test protocol values and we’ll pre-program your controller or write the commands so you can enter them at your convenience.

What is your rental territory?

We rent to the USA coast-to-coast and to customers in Canada.

What is your service territory?

We have traveled to customers’ sites from Boston to Los Angeles and from Ottawa to Orlando. Our routine is the region between Erie, PA and Albany, NY. We work diligently with highly skilled chamber service companies to give our customers quality referrals. Call us for help identifying service companies worthy of your business.