Frequestly Asked Questions…and Answers!

What is the minimum rental period required?

Our units can be had for as little as one month. Long term rentals and rates are also available. Many clients use these rentals much like a service contract or insurance policy: A fixed monthly cost that assures the chambers are kept in repair minimizing down-time.

What temperature ranges you offer?
Most of our fleet typically runs -73ºC to 177ºC (-100ªF to 350ºF). We also have many systems producing much lower and much higher temperatures. Let us review the requirements with you. We can quickly determine if we’re a good fit for your project.
What humidity ranges are available?
We routinely provide 20% to 98%RH. Units can also be fitted with optional driers to achieve humidity values of 5-10%RH.
What sizes are available?

We stock chambers from 1 cu ft benchtop models to walk-ins. Unitary machines typically go up to 64 cu ft (48” inside dimensions). There are larger exceptions, but bigger sizes usually become panelized, modular rooms. We’re unique because we also stock Environmentally Conditioned Air (ECA) supply units that deliver the desired air temperature your custom enclosure. Call us about your project.

Can you provide multiple units of a particular size or type?
Yes. We have hundreds in stock and are always building depth in our fleet. Part of this unique service is our ability to often ship several of the same kind of machine if you have that need.
What is the lead time to ship?

Many varieties of chambers can be ready to ship within 48 hours after receiving your order. Some models can ship same day. Certain high-performance and other special chambers may require more preparation time. We’re often able to provide rescue in emergencies, so just inquire about your specific application.

How is shipping handled?

We refer trucking companies who give our customers the courtesy of our volume discounts. Our vetted shippers provide the best care and efficiency at good rates. We have transporters that can even pick up same day and go direct to meet urgent needs.

How do you provide repairs and on-site support for rentals?
We can guide you quickly through basic diagnostics. Most often, that’s enough to reveal some minor problem easily corrected by the customer. For more complicated matters, we network coast-to-coast with the most able chamber specialists that can provide professional services at our direction.
Do you send chambers to testing laboratories?
Yes. Accredited independent test labs are frequent and loyal customers. Flexibility, reliability, and fast response are essential to their operations. Genuine test chamber and cascade refrigeration experts are few and far between and test labs have long known the challenge of keeping their own systems in repair. They hold us in high regard and are grateful for our speed, expertise and support.
What is your rental territory?

We rent to the USA coast-to-coast and to some customers in Canada.

What is your service territory?

Though we’ve traveled to customers from Boston to Los Angeles and from Ottawa to Orlando we limit our range to roughly Erie, PA to Albany, NY. or the Upstate New York region. For distant requests, we network with hard-to-find, skilled colleagues to offer our customers quality referrals. Call us for help locating servicers closer to you and worthy of your business.

Are you a heating and air conditioning company?

No. While our history actually goes back more than 60 years, we withdrew from those markets decades ago to devote ourselves to this much-needed mission. Certainly there are HVAC companies who service test chambers for some of their customers but they have neither the depth nor breadth to compare with ACES. The good news is, we collaborate with the more professional among them. The better companies refer us to their customers, inviting us in, knowing we stick to our specialty and can be trusted to support their customer relations.

Are you a factory-approved service center?
Yes. We are factory-trained and endorsed by most OEMs. Chamber manufacturers are grateful for our fast response, top-flight performance and careful diplomacy and call on us for warranty support in our area. They routinely refer their out-of-warranty customers too, recognizing our value to their own long-term customer relations. They also know we stock all the refrigerants and countless specialty parts and often have more experience than their own field service techs.
What manufacturers’ chambers do you handle service for?

Everyone: Allegan, American Research, Angelantoni, Associated Environmental (AES), B-M-A, Bemco, Blue M, Burnsco, Caron, Conviron, Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ), Conrad, Delta, Despatch, Envirotronics, Environmental Specialties (ESI), Espec, Forma, FTS, Harris, Hotpack, Jouan, Kelvinator, Labline, Lunaire, Missimers, Neslab, New Brunswick Scientific, Norlake, PGC Aminco, Polycold, Precision Scientific, Ransco, Revco, Rush, Russells, Sexton, Shrader Scientific, So-Low, Standard Environmental (SES), Tabai, Tenney, TestEquity, Thermo Fisher, Thermonics, Thermodynamic Engineering, Thermotron, Virtis, Vista Scientific, VWR, Webber, Weiss Technik and more…

Note that some of these brands have changed names and some no longer exist. We own units from most and service and repair all. A few have become very difficult for us and our customers to deal with. If considering to buy, you’re welcome to ask us who we’ve found most cooperative and supportive.

Can rental chambers be purchased?
Typically our chambers are supplied for rent only. If you have a need to own, let us know with your initial inquiry and we may be able to quote certain units with purchase option. Even if we can’t offer a machine from our stable, we may be able to help you acquire a worthy example through our networking relationships.
Do you sell new chambers?

No, we do not sell new units. We choose not to because of our relations with so many manufacturers. It’s important that we not compete with our friends so we can be available to any of them for service support. We prefer to be welcome and helpful go-betweens when there can be tricky equipment problems and perhaps frustrated customers. We also decline commissions when offered for referrals.

What are the best brands to buy new?
We seldom make comparative remarks about manufacturers. Still, we can be helpful with some guidance through the maze of suppliers. There are many fine companies who build test chambers and some are especially adept in serving certain categories and aspects of the industry. Then too there may be some not worthy of your business. Give us a call – our experiences may be useful to you.